Nature Seal® Penetrating Sealer:

Nature Seal® Penetrating Sealer protects stone and masonry products from moisture intrusion by penetrating the surface, leaving no top coat sheen, while still allowing the substrate to breathe and release any otherwise trapped moisture without affecting the appearance.  Because of its not-toxic vegetable oil base, Nature Seal® Penetrating Sealer also resists efflorescence formation. 

Nature Seal® Gloss Sealer:

Nature Seal® Gloss Sealer is applied over Nature Seal® Penetrating Sealer to offer both protection and a rich gloss finish. 

Nature Seal® Penetrating Stain: 

Nature Seal® Penetrating Stain is formulated to stain masonry and wood products without coating the surface, allowing the natural look of the substrate to come through. Nature Seal® Penetrating Stain is also an excellent alternative for creating an “Old World” finish over interior or exterior painted finishes. Made from a vegetable oil base, not only is it non-toxic and safe to work with. It is very forgiving and can be sealed with either Nature Seal® Penetrating Sealer for a matte finish or Nature Seal® Gloss Sealer for a hard shine finish.

Nature Seal® Surface Cleaner:

Nature Seal®  Surface Cleaner is a biodegradable cleaner specially formulated for maintaining all masonry and sealed surfaces. It's unique formula  allows for removal of most stains while preserving the natural look and beauty of the material. It is also safe and effective for many household uses. 

Nature Seal® Surface Etch: 

Nature Seal® Surface Etch is a multi-purpose product that safely and effectively removes efflorescence, oxidation, and calcium formation without damaging the underlying surface. Nature Seal® Surface Etch acts as an excellent surface prep for older existing surfaces like driveways, walls, etc., prior to applying either Nature Seal®  Penetrating or Gloss Sealer. 

Nature Seal® Stripper: 

Nature Seal® Stripper safely breaks down acrylic coating for easy biodegradable, water soluble removal. Made from a vegetable oil base, it is ideal for exterior or interior use, without dangerous fumes or caustic chemicals.

Products available in quart, gallon, and 5 gallon sizes. 
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